GR Saphir - $12.00/lb

GR Saphir - $12.00/lb

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Aroma Hop

Saphir features elements of spice and fruit amid refined citrus notes of tangerine. It is considered well suited to Belgian Whites as well as Pilsners and German Lagers.

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Characteristics                                                                                                   Sweet Citrus, Herbal, Tangerine

Alpha Acid:  2.0-4.5%

Beta Acid:  4-7%

Cohumulone:  12-17%

Total Oil:  0.8-1.4ml/100g

History                                                                                                                                            Developed at the Hop Research Centre in Hüll, Germany and released in 2002.  Saphir was bred to have similar characteristics to Mittlefruh, though with a higher level of disease resistance