Contessa T-90 Pellets

Contessa T-90 Pellets

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Bittering Hop

Contessa is a bittering hop that is commonly used only to bitter the beer during brewing, and not for too much flavor and aromas.

This noble hop variety elicits aromas of green tea, floral, lemongrass and light pear. According to Hopsteiner, Contessa's aroma lends a smooth and delicate bitterness while delivering an elegant fragrance, making it a perfect fit for the lager beer style and unique addition to many others.

Country Produced

US - Pacific Northwest

Characteristics                                                                                                             Green tea, floral, light pear

Alpha Acid:  3.0-5.0%

Beta Acid: 5.0-7.4 %

Cohumulone:  29-32%

Total Oil:  0.8-1.9ml/100g

History                                                                                                                                           A cross out of Fuggle and a Cascade male. Also called experimental #04190